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Home Solutions, Inc.

A Full Service Short Sale Company

About Home Solutions

During time of uncertainty in the real estate market and the financial challenges being faced by so many homeowners, understanding the options made available is imperative.

Home Solutions has the knowledge, experience and expertise to guide homeowners in a pre-foreclosure situation and help determine if a Short Sale is the best option. Once approved, a Short Sale helps an owner avoid foreclosure, additional fees paid to the lender for costs associated with a foreclosure, long term foreclosure effects to their credit report and much more.

Avoiding foreclosure is always the best option. If you know you can no longer afford your home and can’t sell your home because it is worth less than you owe, a Short Sale is the best option.

Home Solutions Inc. is here to seamlessly guide you through the Short Sale process and ensure you are making the best decisions possible to stabilize your financial future. Our dedicated team of realtors, negotiators, attorneys, & CPA’s will provide you with the knowledge to understand the process and why these decisions fit your specific situation.