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Home Solutions offers Realtors needed support when facing a short sale situation for their clients.

Our streamlined short sale process and specialized support services help Realtors provide their clients with what they deserve. Through Home Solutions unique structure, agents are relieved of the cumbersome and complicated tasks associated with the administration, management and processing of Short Sale listings. This allows Realtors the opportunity to focus more on the listing and client needs to further grow their business.

As an Affiliated Realtor you will receive:

An experienced bank negotiator dedicated to working with your clients and their lenders. We will provide your clients with a pre-qualification consultation immediately upon listing. We will continue to work with you and the seller to gather all necessary documents required by the lender(s.) In addition, we will package the documents using our standardized system and prepare the file in order to send it to the bank ourselves.

A professional legal team that includes a Home Solutions preferred attorney and their professional staff that will work closely with the seller and Home Solutions to make sure the short sale transaction closes in a smooth and timely manner. The legal team also provides title insurance, settlement services and handles the closing of the transaction.

We negotiate the entire short sale on your client’s behalf without you ever having to talk to a bank. As you know, short sales can be a long and difficult process. Because we specialize in short sales we have learned where many of the problems lie and have developed procedures to help make sure our short sales close as smooth and quick as possible.

We handle the difficult task of getting a bank negotiator assigned to your file. We ensure that both the first and second lenders agree to the terms of the sale and that everything in our power is done for the benefit of your client.

We negotiate the highest commission possible for you and there are no upfront fees for you or your clients. We only get paid if the transaction closes.

Home Solutions will keep all parties informed on a weekly basis. You will never again hear “I haven’t spoken to the bank for a week so let me get back to you.” We speak with the banks EVERY SINGLE DAY! OUR GOAL is to get your short sale approved and enable you to generate a COMMISSION on a sale that might not have happened if it weren’t for Home Solutions.